KSS Media is now a Google Partner

PPC Management from a Google Partner

KSS Media have now met all requirements and completed all necessary certifications to be a “Google Partner”.  This means that we are now trusted by Google to manage Adwords advertising campaigns and are abiding by Google’s performance requirements on our clients managed Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts.

This means we now offer an expert Adwords management service to our clients old and new, optimised to get the best Return on Investment possible with advanced features such as conversion tracking, conversion optimisation, better targeted PPC adverts, assessment of landing page quality and effective bidding strategies.

This expertise is already paying off for our customers that have opted in to our monthly PPC management service and are seeing a good return on investment from their Google Adwords spend every month and constant improvements in campaign performance.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click service is a very valuable marketing tool when managed properly and can lead to a significant increase in business generating website traffic, contact us today if you would like to arrange a free consultation on how a professionally managed Pay Per Click service can help your business win more clients!

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