Search Engine Optimisation

Often thought of as a dark art with "snake oil salesman" and "black hat consultants" using unethical practices to manipulate the search engines...

At KSS Media we strive to completely disrupt this image of SEO and offer an ethical, transparent and fairly priced search optimisation service.

We use cutting edge research tools and industry insights to analyse search engines, gather competitor intelligence, find quality backlinks and advise on winning content strategies to help you climb the Google rankings.

We'll take care of your SEO strategy

SEO Intelligence

Using advanced research and analytics tools, we can dissect how your competitors are ranking in the search engines for given keywords.

We can use this competitor intelligence to create a digital marketing strategy that is guaranteed to boost your website search engine rankings.

Brand Reputation

Having a sound online reputation is key to building confidence in your business both for your potential clients and also in the eye's of search engines such as Google.

We can assist in building a strong online reputation for your brand, with our online reviews and social media management services.

Technical SEO

A lightning fast website with properly structured code that can easily be read and indexed by search engines is vital to your online success.

We provide a full spectrum technical website audit and optimisation service to ensure that nothing is holding your website back in the search pages. 

What is search engine optimisation?


Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation is the process of managing a website so that it is found in search engines such as Google for certain keywords or key phrases.

KSS Media provide various SEO services in York and surrounding areas to help get your website found by potential customers searching the web. After all, no matter how good your website looks, if nobody can find it then it may as well not exist!

We know from experience that if SEO is not properly applied to a website then it will not be found in the search engines.

We can help you to target specific keywords/keyphrases of your choice from the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing and will also research what competition you have online, providing you with figures for how much search engine traffic your target keywords currently generate and what it will take to beat your competition in search results.

We can also monitor your websites performance on a monthly basis and will send you detailed reports each month showing what search phrases people are finding your site under, how many visitors you are actually attracting and where the visitors are coming from. From this information we can then agree on updates to your website to help improve your search engine traffic.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search results are the results that naturally appear in Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) without being sponsored or paid for through an advertising program such as Google Adwords.

Organic search rankings are determined by many complex factors, three of the main factors though are:-

ON-PAGE OPTIMISATION & QUALITY UNIQUE CONTENT - This basically means making sure that the actual content of your website is plentiful, unique, well-written and search engine friendly and that you have the right keywords in all the right places so that search engines can index your site easily for those keywords.

HUMAN BEHAVIOUR - How many people visit your website or talk about your site in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and also on forums and blogs can also have a big impact on where you appear in the SERPs.

INCOMING LINKS - Links to your website from other relevant websites can also have a big influence on how high you appear in search results. But it is equally as important to avoid getting links from "bad neighbourhood" sites that are seen by search engines as untrustworthy link sources.

For all 3 of these optimisation factors it is of utmost importance that ethical implementation practices are adhered to, otherwise they can actually have a negative influence on your SERP position or even get your website completely removed from the search engine indexes!

KSS Media have a proven track record of using ethical and effective organic SEO techniques that can help any website to move up the SERPs in all of the 3 major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo. So if you are looking for search engine optimisation in York and surrounding areas, contact us today for a quote.

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